Contest General Info

General Information / Rules

  1. All Judges will be fair and impartial.
  2. Tattoo of the Day or Best In Show entiries must have been tattooed at the show!! No exceptions.
  3. Tattoo of the Day entries must have been started AND completed that day! If you work on it for multiple days, you may only enter for Best in Show.
  4. All other categories, the tattoo must be fully healed to enter.
  5. The artist that tattooed you MUST be present and tattooing at the show for you to enter into a contest.
  6. No Judges shall have any of their own work entered into any category they are judging.
  7. If the collector is not present at the time the contest starts, they will not be judged.
  8. Anyone found in violation of these rules will be asked to leave the show with no refund given.
  9. Photographers from multiple media companies will be present to photograph contest winners and participants. The Cyan Tattoo Invitational reserves the right to publish these photographs for promotional and for documentation purposes.
  10. May the best tattoos win!!

Contest Categories

Large, Medium & Small Color

Large, Medium & Small Black and Gray

Large, Medium & Small Color Splash

Neo Traditional

American Traditional

Japanese Traditional

Arm Sleeve

Leg Sleeve

Full Back Piece

Full Front Torso

Overall Male

Overall Female

Head (& neck)

Tattoo of the Day Color

Tattoo of the Day Black and Gray

Best of the Show

  • daniel

    entertainment or just tatoo shops will be there

    • admin

      We will have Cervena Fox performing once a day in the evening!!
      @cervenafox on Instagram.

      We may be adding other, small things, but this show is all about the tattoos and the artists!!

  • Ronda Gilbert

    Can I get a tattoo that day

    • admin

      Absolutely!! Friday, Saturday or Sunday!!
      Just come in, walk around, find an artist, talk to them about what you want done, they’ll give you a price quote and you go from there.

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